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"Just got back from a two-day long drive. Hurt my hip and also had a tensed neck. I feel great today, the day after the massage. I highly recommend Diane." Diana B. (5-star MassageBook review)

"She knows exactly where to apply pressure and relief. I have added her to must haves going forward." Anonymous (5-star MassageBook review)

"Just an amazing therapist. No nonsense, personable and skilled in many areas that can help you heal. I feel great days later. A+." Jason B. (5-star Google review)

"The BEST therapeutic massage therapist that I've ever had!" Phil A. (5-star Google review)

"Very professional and very well versed in her work. Communicates very well and will contact you afterwards for a follow up. She really cares about her customers and their well being. Highly recommend!!!" Blake B. (5-star MassageBook review)

"My experience was one of the most informative, professional and gratifying encounters that I've ever had. Diane was very friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough with her procedural approach to my injury. I would highly recommend her. I felt a hundred percent better after my session and am still in relief today. Thank you!" Ken R. (5-star MassageBook review)

"If I could have given 6 stars I would have! I have had a lot of massages from a lot of spas, and hands down, this was one of the best therapeutic treatments that I have ever had! Very thorough, methodical, and top notch professional!" Phil A. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Best massage I've ever had!" Diana B. (5-star MassageBook review)

"I really liked how she was the first person who knew what the problem was with my back and knew how to solve the problem. Been to numerous doctors who could not help. Was very professional and knowledgeable. Atmosphere was very soothing. Highly recommended." Cindy G. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Dianne gives an awesome relaxation massage and her knowledge of medical cupping to alleviate pain is wonderful. Very easy to talk with and listens to your needs." Vickie M. (5-star Google review)

"The massage was a great experience!" Tricia M. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Diane has been a huge help for me since my hip replacement surgery and back surgery. Plus working at a desk or in my business for dog grooming I tend to get really tight neck, back and shoulder muscles. Diane has been so helpful and informative about what I can do at home to help. I would 200% recommend Diane to everyone. Absolutely love her. Very professional, compassionate and caring." Becky Z. (5-star Google review)

"Awesome, She does great work" Casey W. (5-star MassageBook review)

"How caring and professional she is." Ken H. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Diane has done a phenomenal job for myself and my son. She has helped us heal many times. She is very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend her." Mark A. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Offered very detailed explanations of what and why she was doing. Gave extra care to injuries that were giving me problems!" Ed S. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Totally unique and personalized therapy. I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling. Ease of scheduling appointments and education on stretches for home are great!" Peg H. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Wonderful! Jenny R. (5-star MassageBook review)

"I walked out with such relief of the pain in my glutes. Diane is a superb massage therapist with expertise in knowing where and how to relieve pain. Even after I am healed, I plan to make a massage part of my health-care regimen. If you hurt, see Diane Ottolenghi. You won't be disappointed." Dianne C. (5-star MassageBook review)

"I am so appreciative of Diane's policy of maintaining a couple slots each day for "last- minute, I'm desperate" clients! She met me as I was nearing her address, waving to let me know I was at the right place. I already felt so welcome as we walked in together. Diane then made me feel completely at ease by adjusting pressure and technique based on my responses. Finally, after spending a week in constant pain, I am finally able to sleep and return to my normal activities. Thank you, Diane!!!" Pandora P. (5-star MassageBook review)

"She was very informative and let you know what she was doing along the way." Dennis C. (5-star MassageBook review)

"I felt so much better after I left!" Megan B. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Diane has done a phenomenal job for myself and my son. She has helped us heal many times. She is very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend her." Mark A. (5-star MassageBook review)

"How caring and professional she is ." Ken H. (5-star MassageBook review)

"Diane is very professional, experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt so much better after my massage. She is very experienced and tries a range of techniques to fix whatever is ailing you. Definitely plan to go back. Highly recommend her!" Megan B. (5-star Google review)

"The best massage I have had in a long time. Thanks Diane!" Tayler S. (5-star Google review)

"Diane O was excellent! Very relaxing and professional. Will definitely have a massage by her again. My husband and I both went at separate times and enjoyed the experience." Melissa M. (5-star Groupon review)

"Excellent, professional therapist. Not just a massage. Diane took the time to teach me stretches and exercises to help my ailments." Stacy D. (5-star Groupon review)

"Great massage, felt very comfortable! First massage and it was everything I expected it to be. Very relaxing " Jani B. (5-star Groupon review)

"Having issues with Lumbar stenosis and Bulging disc, Diane got me feeling better in a crunch time while we were moving to our new home. Much appreciated." Eric L. (5-star Google review)

"Diane is amazing!! I left feeling completely better with tons of energy days after!! Would highly recommend and she is very knowledgeable." Jessica S. (5-star Google review)

"Diane's expertise/experience allowed her to identify my neck and shoulder pain immediately. My very first appointment with her alleviated most of my pain, and the next two appointments have it totally under control. Diane, you have made a believer and a long time client out of me. THANK YOU!" Penny B. (5-star Thumbtack review)

Tammy S. (5-star Google review)

"Truly, the best massage ever!!!" Linda D. (5-star Groupon review)

"Diane was very professional and provided an excellent massage catered to my specific needs." Trudy B. (5-star Groupon review)

"Diane is a very good massage therapist. She took her time and was more concerned about helping my pain than being on the hour..and she listened to my need and went above what she had to in order to fit me into her schedule to get me in asap. Thanks so much Diane!"                 Andrea U. (4-star Groupon review)

"Excellent technique, great knowledge, good recommendations for stretching." Tom B. (5-star Thumbtack review)

"Amazing! Got me back to feeling tip top after just one session. Highly recommended." Renee (5-star Groupon review)

"Excellent, professional therapist!" Stacy (5-star Groupon review)

"Diane is exceptional at deep tissue massage and relieving pain. I recently had severe neck and shoulder pain that ended up giving me migraines. Have been to other massage therapists over the years-No comparison. Thank you Diane!" Ellen (5-star Thumbtack review)

"Great experience great massage!" Nathan (5 star google review)

"Diane is an expert in Massage Therapy! I went to her after I injured my neck, shoulder and upper back (from overuse). She was able to relieve the pain I was experiencing in ONE session! I highly recommend Diane as a Massage Therapist!" Wendy H. (5-star Thumbtack review)

"Dianne is the best around-I would never get a massage from anyone else!" Libby J. (5-star google review/Angie's List-A rating)

"It went wonderful. I always leave feeling relaxed and “fixed”." Jess W. (Angie's List review-A rating)

"Prompt reply to request for appointment. Good location and accommodations." LeAnn

"Definitely recommend!!" Tera K. (5-star google review)

"Wonderful. My neck muscles were very tight and I was getting headaches. Diane worked on my neck and loosened the muscles which made the headaches go away."  Cindy F. (Angie's List-A rating)

"Diane offered flexible hours and the office location was comfortable and relaxing. She asked the right questions to determine where to what I needed help with the most. And she included in depth detail and instruction for stretches I could do at home in between visits. Diane was very personable, knowledgeable and inviting. After my first visit I went home and slept better than I had in months. I enjoyed the service very much.  Would definitely recommend her for all your healing needs. She heals what ales me!"  Kate G. (5-star google review/Angie's List-A rating)








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